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What is Forexwiki

A Forex wiki is a website or a database developed collaboratively by a community of users, in this case, forex traders who are knowledgeable in whatever topic in question. This type of database allows any user to add and edit content and update it. It is made up of a community of like minded participants with one goal in mind, which is to share information and ideas as well as answer FAQs (frequently asked questions) pertaining the forex market. This is to ensure that everyone interested in trading the forex market gets the proper knowledge needed to be well on their way to trade the markets profitably. While sharing is caring, one should also apply what they learn be it here or somewhere else.

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How does it work?[edit]

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So the first thing is to create an account and update your information. The information will be kept confidential, only you will have access to your personal/ private information such as e mails etc. After one has done so, then they can start searching. There is a search bar at the top of the page on the far right hand side. One can search for a topic and if it doesn't appear or the search engine does not find it. That means the page hasn't been created as of yet. Therefore, from there one can request a page and check in regularly to see if it has been created.