Market maker

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What is a Market Maker Forex Broker? Bad news, that's what a market maker is in the Forex brokerage industry. Every day over 1000 Forex traders get there dreams smashed by market makers. These guys call themselves ECN or STP Forex brokers, but they are far from. STP, and ECN brokers are supposed to just make a small commission from your trades and even the spreads are not for them but for the interbank market. Now STP brokers started making markets and using b books like bookies do in gambling. STP Brokers have a dealing desk so the order will go from the trader to the STP broker's dealing desk and then a risk analyzing software will decide to either forward your position to the market along with some other traders or the software could just keep the trades on the brokers b-book which is basically just a demo account and if you make money on it your fake STP or market maker broker will have to pay that out of their profits and they don't like to do that. It is therefore only natural that marketmakers and other scam brokers will manipulate prices for profit and shortly after these moves are discovered they simply dissapear. So the Market maker or market maker Forex broker of today is mostly going to take all your money fast.

Definition of a Market Maker Forex broker: Market makers trade against you by taking the other side of your Forex order. If you buy the Market maker broker has sold and vice versa. Since Forex trading is a zero sum game (every cent earned in Forex trading is paid by someone who lost it trading Forex)

How to spot a market maker broker? This is not easy. They have gotten very smart and obviously they are experts in pretending to be in the same category as brokers like LMAX or TDMarkets who are actually directly plugged into the Interbank and they are connected to all the info that has ever been written about Forex trading in South Africa

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