How do I become an editor

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Once registered your account, you are able to edit almost every text on this wiki.

  1. Press Create account button on the front page or follow Join Forexwiki link at login screen.
  2. Supply your username and password alongwith a valid email address.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Check your mailbox and click on confirmation link to activate your account.

Congratulations! You are almost done.

  1. Sign in with your crispy new username and password through Sign In button on the front page.
  2. Monitor your success: a link with your username will appear in the top right corner next to the small search field. It means that the system has recognized you!

As you are able to read wiki pages without signing in, feel free to sign in to edit pages when it is necessary. You can do it from any page using Sign In personal tools menu item at the top right navigation bar.

  1. On first signing in, please, hover over the link with your username to call a personal tools menu.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Type in your name in Real name field. It is very important that you give your real name, as we need to evaluate your personal contribution to site content.
  4. Scroll down to email options and mark Email me when a page or a file on my watchlist is changed and Email me when my user talk page is changed checkboxes.
  5. Save your changes.

Why it is important to supply and confirm your email address?

  • You will be able to reset your password if you forget it,
  • You will be able to receive automatic notifications of certain events, if set in your preferences,
  • You will be able to receive emails from other users if so set in your preferences (the user who emails you will not know your email address),
  • You will be able to send an email to other users if they want as above (your email address will be disclosed on any email you send).

You can come back later to change your preferences if necessary.